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Sterile production in hospital pharmacies and university clinics

Since 1978, CONCEPT has planned sterile production and installed more than 200 hospital pharmacies in the whole of Europe.


  • Washing machines for infusion bottles

  • Mixing tanks and filtration systems for infusion solutions

  • CONFILL - filling machines for infusion solutions

  • ConTrol - particle monitoring devices

  • Autoclaves and sterilizers

  • Laminar flow and safety cabinets



Delivery and Installation:

Purified water plants with storage and distribution

  • Aqua Purificata
  • Aqua ad Iniectabilia (WFI)
  • Clean Steam

Washing machines for bottles and stoppers
Mixing and pressure tanks
Laminar Flow devices
Mixing infusion systems
Filling machines
Autoclaves and particle monitoring devices
Clean rooms for the production of

  • Cytostatics
  • Infusions / injections
  • Parenteral food

Planning and Consulting:

New planning and rebuilding planning

  • Sterile production (drips / injections)
  • Mixing bag infusions (TPE)
  • Analytics, galenics, recipe
  • Purified water plants and pharmaceutical-technical tools

Qualification of rooms and devices
Laminar flow and clean room measurement

Planning and Consulting